Enjoy A Pet-Safe Thanksgiving

Dear Friends,

Well, the football season is already in full swing, but Thanksgiving is the real kickoff of the holiday season.

My brother Magic and I love the holidays. There’s food, friends, and more food. The scent of cooked turkey, roasts, side dishes, and desserts dazzle our nostrils. If he could, I’m sure that Magic would sample every dish, no matter how hot or how spicy.

But there are also precautions that must be taken to ensure the health and safety of pets, and to enjoy a meal without a panicked call to a pet-health help-line. In fact, several of these pet precautions apply to people as well as well as pets.

Cocktails – In the same way that children are kept away from alcoholic drinks, vigilance must be taken with all kinds of drinks around a house with pets. A gentle reminder to guests that they should be mindful of their food and drink is a low-key way to avoid potential frustration later in the evening.

Appetizers – Keep an eye on those trays of beautifully arranged hors d’oeuvres might look great on a coffee table, but keep a sharp eye out for a hungry pet. According to the ASPCA, make sure your pet is kept away from raw bread dough because “an animal’s body heat causes the dough to rise in his stomach…the pet may experience vomiting, severe abdominal pain, and bloating.” Pets must also be kept away from any uncooked items that contain raw eggs, such as cake mixes.

The Main Course – The smells of a holiday meal anticipate enjoyment long before the food is brought onto the table. If you and your pets have been patiently waiting to take those first bites, a bit of turkey probably won’t hurt them. Make sure that they do NOT get any bones with their nibbles of turkey. And who knows, but your dog might even enjoy a small taste of mashed potato with a bit of gravy. But it’s always best if it is served in your dog’s bowl and not from the table.

Dessert – Remember that no chocolate is ever safe for a dog to eat. As described in our Halloween post, chocolate contains properties that can be toxic to a dog.

All of this makes sense to a point, but I can tell you that our parents try to keep us on our regular diet. See, every year Magic and I fall for this same trick: Just when we start to get excited from the delicious smells of the holiday meal, our parents serve us our regular food. We’re so mad with hunger that we eat it all up. By the time the people-food comes out we’re usually stuffed. Oh, none of this stops Magic from lying under the table and giving out a whimper in the hopes of getting some turkey. Hey, Magic. You can always try.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us at Puppy Kisses, and be on the look out for our blog post about choosing the perfect winter coat for your dog.




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